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I want to make you look, feel and BE better!

Solid Solutions & Perfect Achievement

Whether it’s business or personal goals that you’re desperate to achieve, look no further. With A New Me 4 You, LLC, you can stop putting up with annoyances that are getting you down, create momentum to help you achieve results, set better goals and free up more time or energy. From your first appointment, I will help you feel much better about your life whether business, or personal and the choices made that will create A NEW YOU for the better! 

01 Business Solutions

Contracted services which includes:

Marketing solutions, Advertising, Market research/cost analysis, company policies and other essential needs of Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs.

02 Development Manager

A New Me 4 You, LLC offers professionalism, integrity, excellent written and oral communication, strong sales coordination and the ability to work diligently with PROJECT management while evaluating and assessing the impact of potential projects.

03 Project Lead

A New Me 4 You, LLC offers 20+ years of problem solving, competency, team builder skills, excellent communication and interpersonal skills along with a positive attitude and enthusiasm needed to bring your "VISION" to life!

04 Solution Analyst & Accountability Strategist

As an Accountability Strategist, A New Me 4 You, LLC will help you identify target goals to determine actions and the formulation and implementation of the strategy and mobilizing resources needed to execute the actions.

05 Transformational Public Speaker & Life Coach 

Mary Love-Harris has established a platform like no other. Her rawness for the

essentials of life, mixed with her infectious spirit, and her no-nonsense for complacency

has allowed her to address topics from the boardroom to the church. Topics  range from'

  •  Drug Addiction, 

  • Domestic Violence,

  • Mental Illness & Depression,

  • Spirituality & Faith

  • Entrepreneurs,

  • Accountability & Integrity                                   

06 Writing Services

Superb Writing Service in Lansing

There are many reasons to hire a professional writer like myself. Perhaps you run a business in Lansing and want to improve your advertising copy, or you've realized you need a ghostwriter to really share your story. Maybe you're dipping your toes into a new industry and want to make sure your patter is spot-on. Hiring me is a fantastic way to get what you want to say, written in the way people want to read it. With a range of writing services at competitive prices, you'll be in good hands. Writing services range from;

  • Editing & Publishing

  • Freelance writing 

  • Creative writing

  • Proof reading

  • Developmental Editing

  • Grant Writing

  • Proposal

07 Strategic Business Consulting

Contracted service which includes:

  • Project/proposal development-$900+$35 billable hours

  • Execution project/proposal for 6 months.

  • $$$42k. additional days past 6 months requires additional contract and additional procurement fee of $1500

  • All contracted services receive (2) 4 hour monthly coaching services

08 Event Administration

A well executed event brings additional revenue! No detail is insignificant, and no detail is too enormous to be considered important on the day of your event. A New Me 4 You, LLC is committed to ensuring that your event is flawless. Event administration requires focus and determination! Services included:

  • Event Planning

  • Event Day of Execution

  • ** A New Me 4 You, LLC requires travel and accommodations for ALL out of town events

  • *** Events with 1000 or more persons require additional $200

  • ****All services require SIGNED CONTRACT

  • ****All contract fees must be paid 7 business days PRIOR to beginning of contract

  • **** Procurement fee due prior to signing of contract


Contact us at:

1 (517) 505-9676

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