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GemStones Publishing House LLC offers a 1-Stop service for authors regardless to expertise, novice or financial status.

GemStones Publishing House LLC uses ISBN and Copyright product from Bowkers, Inc. All material must be copyrighted with Library of Congress prior to publication. Gemstones Publishing House LLC will not "Publish for Profit", therefore no author royalties are assumed, or expected. For additional information click the Publish Button below for a complete description of services and pricing

Charlotte Hobbs

 & Beauty Consultant

Charlotte is Case Manager at Total Health Care

and a former director at Detroit Medical Center and ZOLL Medical.

She studied at Chamberlain University College of Nursing from 2015 to 2018. She

lives in Lincoln Park, Michigan,

and is married to Sean P. Hobbs...

Here book "Hidden No More" is soon to be released in the summer of 2020

J.E.T Lykes

Author & Educator

Author of the Candy Chronicles Series, J.E.T Lykes tackles the issue of bullying and the effects it has on today's society.Book 1 "Sour Notes to Sour Candy" introduces Taylor and Freedom. Two elementary students on the opposite spectrum of an increasingly growing destructive behavior. Book 2 "Sweet Feet and Sweet Hearts" is scheduled for release late spring 2020

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